U.S. Unitholders

The following information provides a general explanation of the Canadian and U.S. tax treatment of holding units of American Hotel Income Properties REIT LP.

2020 K-1 forms will be mailed to U.S. unitholders in mid to late March 2021.  U.S. investors should expect to receive their K-1 forms during the first week of April 2021, if not earlier.  

If you need to update your K-1 form mailing address, or need to have it re-issued to you, please contact KPMG (AHIP's tax advisor) at:

E-Mail: us-taxahipk-1help@kpmg.com
Phone: 267-256-5881

American Hotel Income Properties REIT LP is required to use reasonable efforts to send a Schedule K-1 to all Unitholders who are U.S. residents or who may have U.S. tax reporting obligations. Below is the link to the 2020 Schedule K-1:

Please note that AHIP is required to issue Schedule K-1 to all U.S. Unitholders, regardless of whether their units are held in a tax deferred account, such as an IRA. If your AHIP units are held in an IRA, you generally do not need to report the amounts on your Schedule K-1 and you should retain your Schedule K-1 for your records.

Below are additional resources for U.S. resident unitholders, including contact information to receive updated K-1 forms (if necessary).