U.S. Unitholders

The following information provides a general explanation of the Canadian and U.S. tax treatment of holding units of American Hotel Income Properties REIT LP.

American Hotel Income Properties REIT LP is required to use reasonable efforts to send a Schedule K-1 to all Unitholders who are U.S. residents or who may have U.S. tax reporting obligations. Below is the link to the 2017 Schedule K-1:

Please note that AHIP is required to issue Schedule K-1 to all U.S. Unitholders, regardless of whether their units are held in a tax deferred account, such as an IRA. If your AHIP units are held in an IRA, you generally do not need to report the amounts on your Schedule K-1 and you should retain your Schedule K-1 for your records.

Below is an additional resource for U.S. resident unitholders, including contact information to receive updated K-1 forms (if necessary).