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Upon completion, brand mandated Product Improvement Plans (PIP’s) increase revenue generation through improved guest loyalty and enhanced guest experience; as validated by the world’s preeminent hotel brands.
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Hampton Inn Harrisonburg, VA

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Premium brands have a national reputation for value and quality. To maintain guest expectations and deliver strong RevPAR and NOI margins, brand mandated property improvements (“PIP’s”) are required.

PIPs may include:

  • Guestrooms: New furniture, new décor, new softgoods and updated bathrooms
  • Public Areas: Redesign of the lobby, breakfast dining area, and meeting space to create open communal spaces that can be flexible and can accommodate changing needs throughout the day.
  • Exterior: New roofline and facades, new paint schemes, addition of exterior lighting, and other minor site and structure updates

2017 PIP Schedule

Start Date No. of Properties PIP Scope Displacement
Q1 2017 3 Roof Replacement, Lobby, Atrium, Corridors, Guestrooms Minimal Impact
Q2 2017 4 Exterior Painting, Public Areas, Corridors, Meetings Rooms, Lobby, Guestrooms Minimal Impact
Q3 2017 2 Public Areas, Guestrooms Minimal Impact
Q4 2017 3 Exterior, Public Areas No Impact

American Hotel Income Properties’ hotel manager is experienced at mitigating revenue displacement during PIP renovations by selecting slower demand periods for PIP’s to minimize guest displacement and most PIP’s are completed within one or two quarters.

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