AHIP looks to acquire hotel properties in two main segments:

Branded Hotels

AHIP also seeks to acquire transportation-oriented, select-service and limited-service hotel portfolios, located in secondary and tertiary markets in the United States. These hotels are in close proximity to railroads, airports, highway interchanges, and other transportation hubs and stable demand generators.

AHIP looks to invest in market leading branded hotels (such as Marriott & Hilton) in markets that have strong underlying fundamentals with expectations for near term growth and long term stability. AHIP looks to purchase high quality, well-maintained portfolios featuring high occupancy and average daily rates, at prices that are below independently appraised values and our estimate of replacement cost.

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Rail Hotels

AHIP seeks to acquire, renovate, and develop Oak Tree Inn hotels (and Penny’s Diner restaurants) in strategic locations that benefit our rail partners. Our “Dark and Quiet” hotel portfolio represents the largest and highest quality chain of crew lodging facilities presently serving the U.S. freight railroad industry.

The majority of our Oak Tree Inn hotels feature Penny's Diner restaurants, popular 24-hour diners with classic 1950s style décor, nostalgic memorabilia, and standard American cuisine (burgers, fries, and shakes). Penny’s Diner is a favourite of Oak Tree Inn hotel guests, railway crews, drive-by guests and local residents.

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